Looking Hot in a Mens Swimsuit Brief


One of the most popular of all swimsuit designs for men is the mens swimsuit brief. There are many reasons that this style works for most men and that may be a huge part of this popularity. For one thing, this swimsuit works with most body types. Basically, if you can wear underwear briefs; you can wear swimsuit briefs. They fit nice and snug but not indecently so that you come off looking rather attractive in an unobtrusive way. The reason for that may be simply that men who are used to underwear briefs will always feel comfortable in swimsuits of the same type. In that way, they will look as if they feel at home in them. That look comes off as confident and a confident man is always a sexy one!

A mens swimsuit brief will flatter just about any man’s body. There seems to be no other way to say it other than that this style simply fits just right. It may fit a bit like a second skin but it never looks trashy or as if a guy is trying to get some lusty attention. On the other hand, those admiring and lustful glances do happen quite often when men are wearing swimsuits of this type. For instance, if a man has a spectacular ass, this is the perfect swimsuit style for him to wear. It will be accentuated in a most flattering and classy way for all to look upon it.

Something else to consider with a mens swimsuit brief is that you won’t have to guess at what size is going to work best for you. Men that have been sporting underwear briefs will know exactly what size they need in these swimsuits. That also makes it much simpler to shop online because there is no guesswork involved and you can be assured that the size you choose will always be a perfect fit. It may be time to have a look at these swimsuits for yourself.




Keep it Simple with a Mens Swimsuit Brief


A mens swimsuit brief is, by and large, one of the simplest of all swimsuits for men. Not only is it a simple design, but it is offered in all colors of the rainbow, including prints and other fabric designs. In addition, it is available in all types of material ranging from cotton to spandex and every other fabric in between. This is a swimsuit that is made for most men regardless of their body types because it can flatter just about any guy. That’s just the beginning of all the positive qualities of this swimsuit.


Another great thing about choosing a mens swimsuit brief over other types of swimsuits is the ease of finding them. You don’t have to search all over the place to find a great brief. They are readily available no matter where you may shop for your mens swimwear. As they are also available in so many colors, you will be able to quickly find a brief in your favorite hue. These briefs are perfect for any gathering at the beach or poolside. You will never get any glares from parents of young children because the brief will allow you to remain as decently covered as everyone else in attendance.

Now, not only is the mens swimsuit brief easy to find and available in all colors and fabrics, but it is rather inexpensive. You will never have to pay an arm and a leg to get one of these swimsuits. In fact, most of the time you can even buy more than one simultaneously. That’s a very easy and classy way to enhance your swimwear wardrobe. You will always have just the perfect swimsuit on hand for any occasion that may come up where you will be swimming or tanning. Needless to say, the swimsuit brief is definitely the way to go when you want to be noticed in a positive way.

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Mens Swimsuit Brief Styles



Over the years, mens swimsuit brief styles have changed constantly over and over again. They have come a long way from the days of only wearing boxer styles on the beach. Men broke out of that mold about the time that the speedo was introduced as the swimsuit of choice for the Olympic swimming and diving teams in the late 1960s. You really couldn’t get much smaller than the speedo. Of course after that came the bikini and the micro bikini for men. All of these are a bit more daring than most of the briefs you’ll see around but briefs are what started the evolution.


New, young designers took over the market and mens swimsuit brief styles are the result that you see today. These guys are innovative and creative. They don’t have any fear of what the moral majority may say about their designs. Their goal is to make men feel as sexy as possible when they head out to the beach. No one will deter them in reaching this goal. For the most part, they seem to have been rather successful. While many of these styles are ultra-sexy, there are still just as many that allow men to appear comfortably on any public beach. These can also be flattering to the body types of most men, even those that are just a bit overweight.


When it comes to the modern version of the mens swimsuit brief, men don’t have to shy away from enjoying the new and improved styles that are on the market. All you really need to do is find the style that suits your body the best and get some in a few different colors and designs. There’s never any need to mess with perfection so if you’ve got a perfect brief style that works for you; that’s what you need to stick with until you’re comfortable with another style.


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Fun Mens Swimsuit Brief Designs



One of the most entertaining parts of warm weather is getting the chance to experience fun mens swimsuit brief designs. Whether it is shopping for these designs to wear yourself or simply enjoying the view of other men wearing them on the beaches and around pools, it can really improve the day for you when you spot those designs that get your attention. A lot of men are almost addicted to shopping for new swimsuit designs every year to add to their already voluminous collection. There’s nothing quite like seeing just how many new suits you can find that are worthy of being in your closet.


Granted, this can be a rather expensive little hobby so before you start shopping around for numerous new mens swimsuit brief designs, you may want to be sure that you can afford to buy them. There’s nothing like going on a shopping spree and then discovering that you forgot to budget for food, rent or other bills. It’s probably going to be better if you can simply budget a certain amount of money that goes only to your swimsuit shopping. This way you can be assured of having enough money for everything else, too. Besides, just how much are you going to actually enjoy those swimsuits if you can’t pay the rest of your bills?


Now, once you’ve set aside your swimsuit money, you can start shopping for the newest in mens swimsuit brief designs.  You’ll be able to relax and enjoy buying the fun designs that you like so well. Once they’re ordered and on their way to you, it’s time to start planning where you’re going to wear them. It’s quite handy if you happen to live close to a beach but, if you don’t, there’s always vacation time that will carry you to a great beach where you can stroll along the water’s edge in your new swimsuits and just enjoy all of the attention that you’ll be getting.

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Sorry no models today just me wearing something I think is sexy!

My Friend’s Daring Mens Swimsuit Brief

A friend of mine came over the other day with a new mens swimsuit brief to see what I thought about it. I wanted to be supportive of his decision to wear something new to the beach, but the design he picked out simply wasn’t something he should be wearing in public. I tried to tell him that it would probably be a bad idea if he was to wear something like that out to the beach, especially when other people were around. But he thought I was saying that he didn’t have the body to wear that particular design.

The funny thing is that he could wear any kind of mens swimsuit brief and look good in it. He has that type of body that doesn’t matter what he is wearing because he still looks sexy. I saw him as a bag of trash on Halloween and he still looked sexy to me, and quite a few others at the party we all attended. But I felt that the people in general wouldn’t be ready to see someone that sexy walking around in something that skimpy; their heads would surely explode.


He wouldn’t listen to me, though, and he went out to the beach in his new mens swimsuit brief. I figured he was going to be asked to leave the beach and change into something else. Maybe he would get banned for a certain amount of time for causing a disturbance. But he ended up getting arrested for indecent exposure because everyone thought he was walking around nude on a public beach. I tried to tell him that he shouldn’t wear it, but he didn’t want to listen to me; at least not until he needed to get bailed out of jail so that he could put on some clothes.



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Finding the Right Size in Mens Swimsuit Brief


Trying to find a mens swimsuit brief that fits has been a rather exhausting affair for me. I figured that it would be easy for me to pick something out and wear it to the beach, but the first briefs that I purchased ended up being way too big for me. I was a little upset with the fact that they didn’t fit the first time around but resigned myself to finding some that would fit. Of course, the second pair I purchased ended up being too small for me and that was more upsetting than having them be too big.

Wearing a mens swimsuit brief that is too big is still feasible if you don’t mind wearing baggy swimwear. On the other hand, wearing something that is too small for you is almost impossible. I couldn’t even get the second pair up over my thighs and looked like a complete fool in my bedroom trying to force them on. I ended up having to put my beach trip off for another week so that I could figure out what size I should purchase. I am glad that I did it this way, though, because it was well worth the wait when it came right down to it.

Now that I have the right size of mens swimsuit brief design, I can go out to the beach anytime I want to and feel good about myself. Some people just don’t understand why I would want to wear something like this in the first place, but if they ever had the opportunity to put some on, they would. They are some of the most comfortable swimwear I have ever tried on in my life and I know for certain that I won’t be going back to wearing anything else. Although, I might try a few different designs of these briefs to see how they fit later on.


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Wearing My Mens Swimsuit Brief

Wearing my mens swimsuit brief is nothing that I ever really consider anymore. It’s pretty much habit for me to put my briefs on and head out the door, even when I am going to work. When I first started wearing them, I was always worried about what everyone else might think about them. I would have full blown panic attacks at times because I just knew that someone wasn’t going to agree with me on wearing something so sexy. After a while, though, I learned to phase out that kind of thinking altogether and simply enjoy living my life.

Of course I have been wearing mens swimsuit brief designs for a few years now and I couldn’t care less about what others might think about my swimwear. Don’t get me wrong, though; I do enjoy it when people give me compliments about what I am wearing. It is just that all those naysayer’s out there simply don’t bother me anymore. I have had to deal with people not liking my choice in swimwear long enough to know that nothing I say or do is going to make a difference to them. So why not focus on enjoying my swimwear instead of worrying about those few people that don’t like them?


Since I have been wearing my mens swimsuit brief designs for so long, I also know exactly what styles work out for me the best. I have tried on just about every design that you can find online and enjoyed each and every one of them. But I have also found that there are a few that I am just not as comfortable wearing as I normally would be. I still have them around, though, and they make great designs to sit around the pool in. As long as I don’t have to do too much walking while I have them on, they work out great.


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Mens Swimsuit Brief Under Clothing


Wearing my mens swimsuit brief under my clothes was something that I initially wasn’t too comfortable in doing. I wore it like this the first time when we were all heading out to a friend’s pool party after work and I didn’t want to carry it around all day long. It was very uncomfortable to wear something of this nature under my pants as they kept trying to bunch up and move into places that swimwear wasn’t meant to be. By the end of the day, I was so happy to get my pants off that I swore I would never do that again.


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Well, here it is almost two years later and I have made it a habit of wearing my mens swimsuit brief designs under my clothing. I have no idea how it happened to me or even when, now that I think about it. But I have been wearing them as I would my underwear all this time and there is nothing I would change about it. I feel just a little sexier when I walk around in the office with them on and I have purchased designs that don’t bunch up anymore.

It is truly amazing that I can wear my mens swimsuit brief designs like this and no one around me has any idea of what I have on. Not unless I take my pants off and show them anyway, which is something I have found myself doing more often lately. Since I am wearing swimwear under my pants I don’t have to worry about people seeing me taking off my pants. I can actually take my pants off on my lunch break and walk around outside without people looking at me like I have lost my mind. Although there are still a few out there that do look at me in that manner but I suppose there will always be those narrow minded people in the world. I’ll just have to learn to live with them as they’ll need to do the same with me and my swimwear choices.


My Best Mens Swimsuit Brief


One of the best mens swimsuit brief designs that I have ever worn was something I purchased online not too long ago. Granted, I wasn’t exactly sure that I was going to be able to wear this design out in public, but it wasn’t going to stop me from trying. I wanted to know what it would be like to walk around on the beach like all those models I see wearing swimwear online, so that is exactly what I did. I put on my briefs and went straight to the beach to get the reaction of the general public.


I figured that I would have people staring at my mens swimsuit brief design and trying to figure out why I was wearing something like that, but most of the people just looked over and smiled at me. They didn’t really seem to pay much attention to the swimwear I had on and that made me feel a bit strange. Part of me wanted the attention of people noticing my new swimwear, but the other half of me was fine with them not noticing all that much. It’s like two sides of a coin when you think about it but, at least, I was wearing them in public.


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I have tried various other mens swimsuit briefs over the years but that last pair I purchased was definitely the best in my opinion. I look forward to buying more of them from the same site that I purchased these from, and I hope that they look as good on me as these ones do. Even if they don’t look the same, I am still going to be happy that I have them and I will definitely wear them out in public whenever I get the chance to just to see what happens.

Choosing the Best Fit in a Mens Swimsuit Brief


I have never worn a mens swimsuit brief but, after seeing a few of them online, I think I could pull it off quite well. I have been spending a lot of time lately looking around online for new swimwear to try out for the coming summer and these briefs seem like the perfect thing for me to try. I just have to figure out which designs are going to be the best for my body style and that is where the trouble comes in to the equation. After all, I don’t exactly have the rock solid body that the models wearing these designs seem to have online.



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Looking through these sites that offer mens swimsuit brief options, I found that I could just about wear any of them that I wanted. Even the most erotic of briefs they offer wouldn’t look all that bad on me, and the most effort I would have to put into it would be to shave or something. I honestly think that wearing these items would end up changing my life as soon as I walked out onto the beach for the very first time. I really can’t wait to try them on now.

So I ordered a few different mens swimsuit brief designs and have patiently waited for them to arrive in the mail. I am sure that I have purchased the size that I need and that they will fit, although I am skeptical about whether or not they are going to be snug enough for me. I love wearing things that are nice and tight, but the briefs I found online just didn’t seem to be made that way. I guess when they finally show up in the mail I will be able to find out one way or the other.